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Volkan T. Portrait in Hörspiel magazine on radio station Deutschlandfunkkultur (Press)

Listen to the interview of Volkan T error in the Hörspiel magazine. Whether rap, black metal, performances or radio plays - Volkan T. does what he wants and doesn't let anyone tell him what to do. The main thing is that the credibility is right. (the interview is in german)


"Leif in Concert Vol. 2" from July 16 in the cinema (Dates)

Due to COVID 19, the cinema release was postponed. Now it's finally here. If you want to see Volkan Türeli and a great movie with a top cast about the pubs culture on the movie screen you should go to the link and enter the dates of the cinema tour into your calendar.


Container Protokolle Vol.1 feat. 44 Boyz... (News)

Impressions of the interdisciplinary workshop project under the artistic direction of Talu Tüntaş, Toby Dope, Mehmet Can Koçak, Volkan T error and 44 Boyz.

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Massacre at the theatre (Theatertreffen der Jugend) (News)

Vokan T error and Toby Dope led a workshop over several days at the 2017 Theatertreffen der Jugend....

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Gozashtam (News)

Gozashtam, a short film about four underage refugees from Afghanistan who meet for the first time in Berlin... a very moving story, straight out of reality. The film was shown at the International Afghan Documentary Film Festival 2017 in Sweden. The soundtrack was developed by Toby Dope with Javeh Asefdjah and the guys in the studio.

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The Player by Atilla Oener (News)

The Player is a small absurd and funny mini web series by Atilla Oener, about the pitfalls of an unemployed actor looking for a job. The title melody was composed by Toby Dope.

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Scratch against Silence (News)

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Der Fluch der Türken (The Curse on Turks) (News)

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Deathintegration (News)

1 room, 2 people, 24 hours and 5 days...

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ENDZEIT FREQUENZ #66 - Mixcloud Release! (Releases)

In the ENDZEIT FREQUENZ episode #66 Endzeit Session mit Dance Floor Killer Machine (2020-05-17)Volkan T error and Toby Dope let the music of Dance Floor Killer Machine speak for itself. Two very fresh and exclusive session songs... In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit!

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